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Toronto SEO Expert, Specialist & Consultant.

Forget visits – and aim for tangible results!.

The world of SEO is changing as we speak. Hiring a SEO specialist & Expert in Toronto is not anymore a privilege, but a common need. Check out how I can help you build a converting SEO strategy! . Contact me for an SEO consultation today. 

Let’s face it – we are living in a fast-paced digital world. Brands find very difficult to not only rank higher, but also drive traffic and get potential visitors to their website. However, this doesn’t have to be the same reality for all the businesses out there – including you.

In fact, SEO is not a numbers game anymore. Instead of numbers, your SEO strategy should deliver results and help you push your brand forward in today’s online community.

As a certified and experienced SEO and SEM expert in Toronto, I pride myself in helping businesses dominate their competition and adjust to the best SEO practices applying a Local SEO Strategy or International. But most of all, I help them see results – whether they are measured as sales, subscriptions or clicks.

From consulting to content marketing and complete digital strategies, I see the world of SEO as a whole which cannot be separated. In fact, it takes a lot of pieces to form the puzzle called ‘an effective SEO strategy’ and apply it to a selected group of clients.

Instead of speculating what Google search is doing, I am proud to know it inside-out and never make false promises or assumptions from the start.

What is SEO for me?


Indexed urls, blocked urls, important urls and urls to remove.

Keyword research

Best keywords that you can target for your niche.

Site structure

Clicks levels, web structure, and much more..

SEO Content

Content optimized with SEO optimization and conversion.

Outreach - Linkbuilding

Safe and quality Linkbuilding following Google best practices.

SEO Specialist Work.

A couple of things most ‘SEO experts’ won’t tell you…

If you have been out and about in the online marketing world for the past few years, the chances of you working with a Toronto SEO expert are high. However, just like many businesses out there, you know that the results are not always guaranteed.

That is mostly because of the following reasons:

  • A lot of SEO experts promise top search ranking without actually analyzing the path to it
  • Many Toronto SEO agencies disclose client information and break the rule of confidentiality, which leads to complete dissatisfaction at your end
  • The chances of you seeing a transparent and fully flexible pricing method in their list is as low as the chances of you reaching the top of the search page yourself
  • Avoiding spam is one thing – making use of it is another

Instead of hard-mouthing the other ‘experts’ out there, let me show you what an effective and measurable SEO strategy looks like. Not only you will able to track every visit on your website – you will see the immediate results in terms of conversion.

And just like the ‘low hanging fruit’, you will be able to reach as many potential customers and engage them with relevant, informative and optimized content.


On the medias.

SEO Award winning & International keynote speaker

Toronto-based SEO specialist, Consultant & customer oriented with over 8 years experience in providing solutions to clients in the marketing and technology industry. Extensive knowledge of SEO / SEM.
As a Search Marketing SEO Specialist, my areas of expertise include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) especially Adwords and Facebook and Web Analytics.


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  • SE ON THE BEACH 2016 Spain – Web:

  • Ungagged 2015 Las Vegas (Black Hat World Conference) -Web:

  • Quondos 2015 – Web:

  • Guest Professor – Web:


  • TV Murcia – Web:




  • FORBES -Web:

  • APERTURA – Web:


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Professional SEO Experience.


SHOPIFY – LEAD SEO Expert & SEM Strategist

• International SEO Strategy
• Mobile SEO optimization
• WPO optimization
• Site audits
• Competitive analysis keywords analysis.
• Onsite SEO
• Offpage SEO
• App Apple Store and Google Market Place SEO
• SEO Meetings
• Provide SEO Training to the SEO Team

MINDGEEK (Pornhub, Redtube, Youporn and more) – SENIOR SEO

Very High Traffic websites/brands, among the top 50 most visited in the world. Site audits, competitive analysis, keywords analysis, on-site optimizations, content development.
-Keezmovies, and much more.

• Site audits, competitive analysis keywords analysis, on-site optimizations, content development.
• Developing professional and efficient reporting.
• Onsite SEO
• Offpage SEO
• Mobile SEO
• App Apple Store and Google Market Place SEO
• Benchmark Results
• SEO Meetings
• Provide SEO Training to the SEO Team
• International SEO Strategy


• Followed by keyword. Indexing on search engines and web directories.
• Geolocation
• Verification of site speed and techniques to improve.
• Finding Backlinks
• Follow competitors SEO metric Rank, page optimization, speed, links.
• Social Media for SEO, youtube, facebook (opengraph), twitter.
• Creation of the blog LesPAC specializes in SEO;
• Creation of Goals in Google Analytics.
• Presentation of recommendations to make on the site and the blog. On different SEO topic.
• Establishment Report Site on strength and weaknesses of the site. (site speed, average age)

• Set up of the site banners, check in different browsers, keywords and mapping;
• Work with the IT department for visual presentation of banners;
• Create and send newsletters to members LesPAC;
• Monitoring and statistics relative to the sending of newsletters and banners.
• Provide meeting on various SEO projects for the company;
• Establishment and coordination of work programs of various departments.
• Creation of the blog LesPAC change, and track statistics.


Some of our satisfied clients and their 2 cents on working with me

Working with me as an SEO expert means that…

You will be able to grow your business organically, expand to an online market you have never penetrated before and get unique and highly-targeted visitors to your website, potentially becoming your long-term customers.

I will help you take advantage of the best SEO strategies out there and ensure you that SEO is all about implementing the right techniques.

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“Francisco is an awesome person who always puts clients satisfaction #1. I enjoy working with him and he has the patience to make sure that everything is working as expected. He answers all my questions very quickly and has the skill to reduce the complicated into bite size, simple concepts..”

Nectarios Petropoulos


“Francisco is an excellent professional like SEO / SEM spécialiste in different projects. Professionally, he is dedicated, studious, meticulous and thorough in its management, with great ease and taste for acquiring new knowledge. Generates customer a bond of trust and respect that makes it doubly valuable.”



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What are the SEO services I use to help you rank higher and get results?.

Instead of working for anyone and everyone, I carefully take the time to analyze every single website before proceeding to the actual SEO process. Fully dedicating my appropriate time to pinpoint the best SEO practices, identify the most prospective SEO strategies and handpick the very first SEO steps to begin with – we will begin with a preliminary meeting that will answer your questions and give you a brief picture of my expertise.

Francisco Leon
Francisco Leon